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Different types of washing machine

Are you looking for the best type of washing machine for your home? Consider whether you need a freestanding or integrated model. If you'd like the appliance to be hidden, choose an integrated model that can be fitted under a kitchen counter or behind a cupboard door. Alternatively, if you'd like more flexibility, opt for a freestanding model that can be placed in a utility room.


Explore our range of freestanding washing machines and enjoy the flexibility of being able to place your appliance anywhere in your kitchen or utility room. With no need to worry about mains water supply or waste water drainage, these washers can easily fit under a countertop or simply stand alone. Don't worry about having your washing machine on show - see now why a freestanding model is the perfect choice for you! Shop now.


If you're looking for a sleek, modern finish to your kitchen, then an integrated washing machine is the perfect choice. With their small size and hidden door panel, these built-in models are designed to fit seamlessly into contemporary kitchen units and provide a smooth, streamlined look. While they usually don't offer as many individual programs or features as freestanding models, they still provide a great washing experience. As installation can be more difficult than with freestanding products, we'd recommend using professional tradesmen for the best, flawless finish. Get the perfect, contemporary look for your kitchen today - explore our integrated washing machines now.

Colour options

When choosing a new appliance, color options are an important factor to consider. Whether you're selecting a free-standing or integrated model, make sure the appliance you choose fits stylishly into its new environment. Don't miss out - get the perfect appliance for your home today!
The 3 most popular colours are listed below:

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Washing machine FAQs

If you find additional dirty laundry that you have missed, some washing machines include a feature which will allow you to pause the cycle and reload or add-in the extra items. Look out for features in the description such as ‘Add Wash’,’Add Laundry’ and ‘Re-load’.

Most models come with a standardised height and width which will allow the new or replacement machine to fit into the same place in your kitchen.  In general, the only measurement that is different is the machine depth. Freestanding models are generally 850mm x 600mm (height x width), whereas integrated models have a standard measurement of 820mm x 600mm (height x width).

Yes there are, you need to look out for washing machines that have a sensor.  Essentially, these features allow the machine to automatically weigh each load and adjust the programme settings accordingly to give you excellent results and minimise the amount of water and electricity used in order to still obtain optimum results.

Traditional top-loading washing machines, front loading washing machines, and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines are all options when it comes to purchasing a washing machine.

Consider factors such as size, energy efficiency, water usage, and special features when purchasing a washing machine.

To keep your washing machine running efficiently, it’s important to regularly clean the inside of the machine, clean the filter after each use, and use the correct amount of detergent. Additionally, running a hot water cycle with a cup of white vinegar once a month can help remove any built-up residue.

Choosing an eco-friendly model

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