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Find Your Perfect Home Appliance: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Discover the perfect appliance for your home with our comprehensive buying guides. Find the ideal model to meet your needs and budget. Explore all the key features to make an informed decision.

Energy Cost Calculator

This free calculator allows you to calculate the daily, monthly, and yearly costs of your electrical equipment and devices.

Add multiple appliances and devices and see the total costs below.

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How Our Energy Cost Calculator Works

Calculate Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Costs

Our energy cost calculator is designed to help you determine the expenses associated with your electrical equipment and devices. By inputting the necessary information, you can instantly calculate the daily, monthly, and yearly costs of using your appliances.

Add Multiple Appliances and Devices

A Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

You can add multiple appliances and devices to our calculator, allowing for a comprehensive cost breakdown. Simply enter the power consumption in watts and the number of hours each device is used per day. The calculator will automatically calculate the energy consumed per day for each device and provide the associated costs.

Clear Visualization of Total Costs

After adding your appliances and devices, our energy cost calculator will display the total cost per day, per month, and per year. This clear visualization helps you understand the financial impact of your electrical usage over different timeframes.

Understanding Energy Cost Calculation

Simple Multiplication for Cost Calculation

To determine the cost of running a device or appliance, you can use a simple calculation. Multiply the amount of energy used (in kilowatt-hours - kWh) by the unit cost of one kilowatt-hour.

Example Calculation

For instance, let's consider an oven that uses 2,100 watts of electricity (equivalent to 2.1 kWh) and is used for 2 hours. To calculate the cost, multiply the energy consumption by the unit cost of 1 kWh. If the unit cost is, for example, 34p (in GBP), the calculation would be as follows:

2.1 kWh * 34p = £0.714

Therefore, using the oven for 2 hours would result in a cost of £0.714.

Total Cost Calculation for Multiple Devices

Our energy cost calculator takes into account the power consumption and duration of use for each device you add. It then calculates the individual costs and provides the total cost per day, month, and year. This feature helps you gain insights into your overall energy usage expenses and make informed decisions for effective expense management.
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