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Bertazzoni - Modern Series

Fresh, contemporary elegance and timeless style

The Modern Series new built-in range brings a fresh, contemporary
elegance to your kitchen. Bertazzoni’s designers have excelled themselves to elevate essential design to the highest levels of sophistication through use of the power of rich materiality. The Modern Series tells a very Italian story of design and style, combining glass and precious metals, crafted using many years of knowledge and passion that has made the Bertazzoni approach an art as well as a science. The Modern Series offers a rich and sophisticated
style that is both current and timeless. The clean lines of the machines are maintained through touch controls on the most advanced models, revealing an unparalleled vision for seamless integration.

Full Touch Control Panel

The TFT hi-res full touch display gives remarkable flexibility when choosing cooking modes. It controls and displays oven function, food probe management, the unique Bertazzoni Assistant and total steam and steam assist management. This deep functionality makes selecting and controlling the correct cooking mode simple, whatever dish you wish to cook.

Beautiful Handle Design

The oven door handle features a beautiful black glass finish that blends perfectly with the window to give the oven a sleek, clean look. For a total black look on some models its also available the new Carbonio finish, evocative of the paint finish on luxury sports cars.

Control Knobs

Total precision is built-in with a choice of soft-touch ergonomic black knobs or smart stainless steel finish knobs. Designed to marry seamlessly into any contemporary kitchen design, they give you positive, precise adjustment to the heat source. So you can cook in confidence, knowing everything is always in complete control.


The Modern Series brings together Bertazzoni's industrial production methods and engineering skills with new special finishes inspired by the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship.
These contemporary-styled machines are available in a choice of striking colours and metal finishes, including stainless steel, copper, zinc and matt black.

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