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Find Your Perfect Home Appliance: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Discover the perfect appliance for your home with our comprehensive buying guides. Find the ideal model to meet your needs and budget. Explore all the key features to make an informed decision.

Take a look at this table below to assist you as to which machine is suitable for your needs or household.

Drum size

Household size

Number of items

Up to 7kg washer dryer

Individuals/Couples or Small family

Up to x35 t-shirts or a double duvet

8kg washer dryer

Medium family

x40 t-shirts or a queen-size duvet

9kg washer dryer

Large family

x45 t-shirts or a medium king-size duvet

10kg+ washer dryer

Larger family

x50+ t-shirts or a heavy king-size duvet


Making sure you buy the right cooker for your needs is essential. Consider the size, features, and price to ensure you get the perfect cooker for your home.

Fridge Freezers

A quality fridge-freezer purchase requires careful consideration. Our buying guide walks you through the key points to keep in mind when selecting your next appliance. Start by determining which type is best for you and what refrigerator-freezer split would be ideal. We provide helpful advice on the top options, as well as size and design to complement your kitchen.

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