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Electric Hob

Installation Available
Energy rating

Black Glass

Panel colour


Years guarantee included

H827-982 x W900 x D530 mm

Space required for this appliance to fit

Product Review

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5 stars)

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Bertazzoni is a name that stands out, and their Modern Series of induction hobs is no exception. Combining sleek design with advanced technology, these hobs offer a range of features that set them apart from other options on the market.

One of the standout advantages of the Bertazzoni Modern Series is its precise and efficient induction cooking. With induction technology, heat is generated directly in the cookware, resulting in faster cooking times and precise temperature control. This means you can expect consistent and even cooking results every time you use the hob. Additionally, the heat is instantly responsive, allowing for quick adjustments when needed.

The Modern Series hobs also come equipped with a variety of innovative features that enhance the cooking experience. One notable feature is the touch controls, which provide a user-friendly interface and make it easy to select and adjust settings. The hobs also offer a range of cooking modes, such as simmer, boil, and melt, catering to different cooking needs. Safety is also a top priority, with features like child lock and residual heat indicators, ensuring peace of mind while cooking.

Another aspect that sets Bertazzoni apart is their commitment to design. The Modern Series hobs boast a sleek and elegant look, with smooth glass surfaces and minimalist controls. The hobs seamlessly integrate into any modern kitchen, adding a touch of sophistication.

While the Bertazzoni Modern Series of induction hobs offers a remarkable cooking experience, it's worth noting that some users have reported a slight learning curve when getting used to the touch controls. Additionally, the price point of these hobs is higher compared to some other options on the market.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a high-quality induction hob that offers precise cooking, innovative features, and a stylish design, the Bertazzoni Modern Series is definitely worth considering. While there may be a slight learning curve for the controls and a higher price tag, the overall performance and attention to detail make it a top choice for discerning home cooks.

Product code: P904IBHNE

The Modern Series 90cm induction hob with integrated ventilation and is finished in black ceramic glass. Choose from 9 power levels with boosters on all zones for even faster cooking and two bridge zones to make cooking even more flexible. Touch controls make it intuitive to use. The quiet six speed hood offers maximum 850 m3h airflow and is very energy efficient, rated A++.

Technical specifications for: BERTAZZONI P904IBHNE 90cm Induction Hob with built-in Hood in Black Glass


Type: Electric Hob

Colour: Black Glass

Manufacturers guarantee(years): 2

Energy rating: A+++

Built-in or freestanding: Built-In

Custom controls: Touch Controls and LED

WiFi: No

Actual Product Dimensions(HxWxD mm): 827-982 x 900 x 530

Actual Product Width (mm): 900

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