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Bertazzoni - Integrated induction power and high performance ventilation

This advanced new range cooker with induction hob cleverly integrates two powerful technologies to offer faster, cleaner and odour-free cooking. The new Air-Tec range cooker has a stylish, sleek induction hob with a built-in extractor fan which gives outstanding control for perfect dishes every time, along with high performance ventilation to eliminate cooking odours.

Developed with Bertazzoni’s Italian finesse and legendary cooking expertise, this new option in kitchen design distinctly expands the possibilities of personalising a space. The high-powered induction heating zones, loaded with precision digital controls and sensors, make preparing a meal delightful, while reducing the clean-up to a simple wipe. Simultaneously, the variable downdraft airstream technology ensures the handling of steam, vapors and aerosol splatters. The custom crafted vent cover, featuring the iconic Bertazzoni embossed logo, displays an elegant style to enhance kitchen ambiance.

Features / technologies

Air-Tec cooker with integrated aspiration. Power and flexibility

Efficient induction zones
The highly efficient induction cooking zones include the Booster function for ultra-fast boiling. The multi-zone technology allows you to combine multiple cooking zones, for perfect results when using large pans.

Digital Programmer
The kitchen is equipped with a digital programmer for perfect cooking control. Choose from the 11 available functions and use the digital food probe for impeccable cooking results.

Intuitive and elegant user interface
The elegant and intuitive user interface makes daily use simple and satisfying.

Air-Tec cooker with integrated aspiration

Integrated hood
The hob is equipped with integrated ventilation, available in suction or filtering mode, with 10 speed selections and automatic control. The system is 100% safe against water leaks.

Regenerable filters
The carbon filters can be regenerated in the oven for long-lasting use.

Distinctive design
The hood grille designed by Studio Cometti V12 and developed by our engineers, combines the best performance with the iconic style of the Brand, characterized by the brass cap with the iconic Bertazzoni logo.

Air-Tec cooker with integrated aspiration. 3 appliances in 1

The new Bertazzoni freestanding cooker with induction hob with integrated hood is the first model in the reference market. Thisi cooker perfectly integrates three appliances in one: the highest performance of the 90 cm freestanding cookers of the Professional Series are enriched by an induction hob with a premium integrated hood.

Induction hob with integrated hood. Powerful yet flexible

Induction zones
The induction cooking zones deliver numerous powerful heating levels including the Booster function, for ultra-fast boiling. The multi-zone technology is suitable for a large variety of pan sizes, allowing for an expansion of multiple heating zones into one.

9 power levels + booster
A multitude of settings cover all cooking needs, from delicate simmer to intense high heat. The precision sensors protect from liquids boiling over or the continued heating zone operation after the removal of cookware.

Touch-through-glass digital controls
Each induction heating zone has a dedicated user interface with timer function options, clearly displaying the selected cooking level.

Induction hob with integrated hood. Distinctive design

The air intake cover design is definitely Bertazzoni. Discover the perfect integration between performance and unique style capped with the iconic embossed logo medallion.

Induction hob with integrated hood. 2 appliances in 1

Integrated ventilation
The integrated downdraft function can be operated in re-circulation or outside venting mode and is equipped with 10 speed levels and an auto setting. The engineering of the air intake features a water leaks protection system.

Regenerable filters
The removable carbon filters can be re-generated in the oven for long-lasting use.

Auto Setting
This function automatically adjusts the downdraft fan speed to the power setting of the induction zone.

Induction hob with integrated hood. Powerful, efficient, elegant

Discover more about this innovative surface cooking solution that combines powerful induction cooking with effective and silent hood.

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