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Cigar storage perfection in the humidor

Cigar connoisseurs often refer to themselves as aficionados (Spanish: lovers). A genuine aficionado can tell, at the very first touch, whether or not a cigar has been correctly stored. The Liebherr humidor provides tailored storage and a perfect long-term maturation climate for premium cigars.

Tropical climate is ideal

Constant temperature and high humidity

The balanced interplay of temperature and humidity is key to achieving optimum cigar flavour. After all, premium cigars are delicate natural products and, to retain their quality, they need to be stored in climate conditions similar to those found in the tropical regions where tobacco grows – the Caribbean, South America and South-East Asia. In the Liebherr humidor, cigars can be lengthily stored or matured under perfect conditions. Liebherr's innovative technology ensures that consistent temperature and high humidity requirements can be met and maintained at all times.

Quality storage for fine cigars

Premium cigars are a luxurious, natural product, and they are handcrafted in a lengthy process that involves strict quality controls. To develop and retain their natural flavour, cigars must be properly stored. Liebherr's ZKes 453 humidor offers cigar lovers the perfect microclimate, with customisable climate settings, for storing their cherished cigars.

Precision control

Using the precision electronic control system, the temperature can be set between +16 °C and +20° C. The humidity can be set between 68% and 75%, as required. The temperature alarm alerts the user to any irregularities in the inside temperature.


SmartSteel significantly reduces the visibility of finger marks and is very easy to clean.


Humidor: Presentation box

The cedar wood boxes are ideal for storing loose cigars and can be easily removed for presentation purposes.

Door Alarm

The audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for consistent maintainance of the storage conditions for your cigars.

Wall Mounting

The compact appliances (WKes 653, ZKes 453, CMes 502) can also be wall-mounted without difficulty as an attractive eye-catcher with convenient access for serving.

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