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H455 x W595 x D472 mm

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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5 stars)

When it comes to combining functionality and elegance in the kitchen, Bertazzoni stands out as a reliable and reputable Italian appliance brand. Their range of combi-steam fan ovens with TFT display is no exception. Offering a fusion of steam, convection, and microwave cooking, these ovens provide versatility and precision for culinary enthusiasts.

One of the key advantages of the Bertazzoni combi-steam fan ovens is their advanced TFT display. The vibrant and intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate through the various cooking options and settings. With clear icons and responsive touch controls, it simplifies the cooking process, ensuring that even the most intricate recipes are a breeze to prepare.

The combination of steam and convection cooking is a standout feature of these ovens. The steam function helps to preserve the natural flavors, textures, and nutrients in your dishes, resulting in healthier and tastier meals. Additionally, the convection feature ensures even heat distribution, guaranteeing consistent cooking results.

Bertazzoni's ovens also excel in their microwave capabilities. With powerful microwave technology, these ovens provide quick and efficient cooking, perfect for those times when you're in a hurry. The combination of microwave and other cooking functions in a single appliance eliminates the need for multiple devices, saving valuable kitchen space.

Users have praised the build quality and design of the Bertazzoni ovens, which feature sleek stainless steel finishes and ergonomic handles. The ovens are equipped with multiple cooking modes and pre-set programs, catering to a wide range of culinary preferences. Moreover, the spacious interiors offer ample cooking capacity, allowing you to prepare meals for both small and large gatherings.

While the Bertazzoni combi-steam fan ovens with TFT display offer exceptional performance and style, some users have mentioned that the learning curve for utilizing all the advanced features can be a bit steep. However, with the help of the comprehensive user manual and the brand's responsive customer support, mastering the oven's capabilities becomes a rewarding experience.

In conclusion, the Bertazzoni combi-steam fan ovens with TFT display are a top-tier choice for those seeking a versatile and high-quality appliance for their kitchen. With their combination of steam, convection, and microwave cooking, advanced TFT display, and stylish design, these ovens provide a delightful cooking experience. While there may be a slight learning curve, the overall performance and features of the Bertazzoni ovens make them a worthwhile investment for any culinary enthusiast.

Product code: F457MODVTC

The Bertazzoni Modern Series 60x45 cm combi steam oven has 7 functions and 31 litre capacity stainless steel cavity. It offers the possibility to combine traditional functions with three different steam intensity levels: low, medium, maximum. The Total Steam function use pure vapour to deliver fast and healthy cooking. Controlled with a clear TFT touch display, it features a soft opening door with a smart glass-finish handle and a removable water tank for a quick refilling. Available in Stainless Steel, Carbonio, Zinc and Copper.

Technical specifications for: BERTAZZONI F457MODVTC 60x45cm combi-steam fan oven with TFT display in Copper


Type: Oven

Colour: Copper

Manufacturers guarantee(years): 2

Energy rating: A

Noise level (dB):

Custom controls: Knobs

Door colour: Copper

Side panel colour:Copper

Capacity: 31L

Built-in or freestanding: Built-In

Delay timer: Yes

WiFi: No

Hinge: Bottom

Actual Product Dimensions(HxWxD mm): 455 x 595 x 472

Actual Product Width (mm): 595

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