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Energy rating

The new updated energy ratings go from A-G, with A being the most efficient to G being the least.  The higher the rating then the more efficient your machine will be in consumption of power.   This will obviously minimize your bills but would also have an impact on your environmental impact.


Quick wash options

The latest washing machines tend to include a Quick Wash programme that not only allows for a ‘refresh’ speed wash for lightly soiled items but it also allows you to do partial loads that helps to do a wash in a reduced time, thus saving power.


Auto-dosing options

There is now an ‘auto-dose’ function on some washing machines that allows a predetermined, ideal amount of detergent and conditioner to be released into the drum, depending on the wash cycle selected.  This allows for the most efficient washing experience and eliminates the need for you to add detergent every time the washer is used.  When the machine is running low, then you get an alert to prompt you.


Noise abatement

The amount of noise made by a washing machine is also measured so that you can choose to eliminate that noisy spin-cycle.  Nocturnal washing cycles that keep you awake or noisy interruptions when home working become a thing of the past when you choose a machine that has a noise output of less than 50dB.  Another important factor to consider for some customers.

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